The Great Cricket Picket Children’s Book

I’ve published my first book, The Great Cricket Picket!!! The book is now available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the App Store, Google Play, & all major distributors (some links below).

The book has been published both traditionally 📚 & as a mobile app 📱. A FREE audio read-along (for traditional books) is available for streaming or download (see below).

The Great Cricket Picket is a rhyming insect 🐞 adventure featuring: a kicked cricket, a protest, mini-life lessons, a catapult, snoring, & a cookie 🍪. In the story, bugs join forces and stand up to a boy when he hurts one of their own.

Please check out the video trailer 👀 below & share your thoughts & reviews!!! Heck, share the video! 📽️#CricketPicket #ThankYourForYourSupport #StopBullying #Bullying

AGES: 5-10


Amazon: (Hardcover and paperback)

Barnes & Noble (Hardcover only)

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PUBLISHER: (Bookify by Sanitaryum)